Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tyra Mail Says - That Man is Crazy

You know I like me some crazys because they sometimes make the best lovers. And they're always so grateful (LOL). But sometimes stalkers can take it just a bit too far. Just ask Tyra Banks. Yesterday (Thursday) in a Manhattan court, 39 year old Brady Barnes was found guilty of stalking Ms. Banks. Barnes' attorney who called him an "inspired fan, not a stalker" was unsuccessful in clearing him of the charges.

Tyra appeared in court on Wednesday to testify against Barnes. Barnes was a drifter that had relocated from Geargia to California. While in L.A., he would send Tyra packages to her studio in New York with disturbing notes like, "when I see you I love you." He was placed on a do not admit list by the staffers of the Tyra Banks show. But he appeared at the studio on March 18 following a two day bus ride cross country to get closer to Tyra. Tyra testified in court on Wedneday stating "I fear for my safety" but she did not return on Thursday when the verdice was delivered.

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