Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, December 31, 2007


My final post for 2007, I just want to say thank you to everyone that visits The J Spot. Look for bigger and better things in 2008. I don't know where this blog (or life) will lead me next but I'm looking forward to the journey.

Much love to all my family and friends

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It looks like there's many great movies on the horizon for black LGBT folks. Dirty Laundry is currently playing in some cities. Check out the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJG20kWKikU
Also, up and coming are Maurice Jamal's B-Boy Blues and Patrik Ian Polk's Blackbird and Noah's Arc: The Movie.

But as these movies are not yet available to all of us, I wanted to take a moment to recap my favorite movies with black LGBT characters. So below is my list of 10 favorite gay themed movies that contain African-Americans. Trailers for each movie are provided and all of these titles are available on Amazon.
Please post any comments regarding this list below. Did I miss any movies? Are there any on the list that should not be there? Please let me know.

3. STRANGE FRUIT (no trailer available)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Say My Name - Patti, Patti

Go in bitch - let have! If you're not watching Clash of the Choirs, child you're missing out. Here's the premesis, four celebrities handpick choir members from their hometown to sing in this competition to raise money for the charity of their choice. The celebrities - Kelly Rowland, Patti Labelle, Nick Lachey, Blake Shelton and Michael Bolton. Thus far the choirs of Rowland and Bolton have been elimated.
Tonight the choirs sang backup as the celebrities took center stage and performed one of the songs thats made them famous. Ms. Labelle went in with Over the Rainbow. When she was done I thought I was in Oz. She just wore me out. Patti was in rare form tonight and the arms started flapping, the shoes went sailing into the crowd and the mic stand landed on the other side of the stage. I LOVED IT. I can't hate on Judy and I love her putting her stamp on this song and making it specifically for the kids. But when Patti sings it I think heaven stops and listens.
Needless to say, the whole place was up on their feet when she was done. And hilariously - each choir that went after her ended by tossing their shoes. Tonight was all about Ms. Patti and Team LaBelle.
Tomorrow night we actually find out who wins the competition. Now I must say each choir is brining it. Team Lachey gets serious points for pulling off Flight of the Bumblebee acapella. I like Team Shelton too mostly because I think Blake can wear the hell outta some jeans (is tha wrong). Looking forward to seeing the conclusion and the crowning of the choir.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Are you ready? Christmas is exactly one week away. I just dropped my cards in the mail yesterday - I'm just hoping they make it. I haven't bought a single Christmas gift and I'm not quite sure if I actually will. Fergie said if you ain't got no money take your broke broke home. So I'm going home. Does it really make sense to go out and get further in debt when you know that you can't afford all the gifts you're buying. My friends and family know how I feel for them (sometimes love - sometimes hate).
But don't get it twisted, I love this time of year. Our place is very well lit with Christmas lights thanks to my boo, the cards are out on display, and the window is decorated. I've had friends over to toast the holidays and I'm just recently returning from my pilgrimage across country to see the family. The meaning of the season has not been forgotten. I'm just saying, be realistic and do things that are not going to put you in jeapordy. Yes - it's great to show your appreciation to those that are important to you, but showing appreciation does NOT mean that you have go spend your life savings.
For all those that visit The J Spot - Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fight For Your Right

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was in town on December 7 receiving an award from the Barry Goldwater Institute. She is this year's recipient of the Goldwater award because of her fight for and support of freedom for all Muslim women. She has never been one to hold her tongue and her book Infidel and her screenplay Submission have fueled numerous death threats against her. The director of the film, Theo van Gogh, actually was killed for this production. Attached to the knife that killed him was a letter stating Ayaan would be next.

Because of these actions, Ayaan was forced into hiding and actually had to flee her country in her effort for survival. Though she has renounced her Islamic faith, she continues to advocate for the rights of women within Muslim countries. She also speaks against Islamic leaders because of their stance on homosexuality and adultery. It's for these reasons that Time magazine named her one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

I love her for her courage and her tenacity. I love her fighting the fight that needed to be fought inspite of the consequences. But I have to ask myself - could I do it. I do consider myself an activist. However, standing up for your rights in the U.S. doesn't have near the consequences as they would else where. People are very serious about wanting to kill Ayaan.

And let's look at a few other countries. The oppression of women is not limited to Muslim countries. In many African countries, many of which are predominately Christian, women are raped repeatedly without consequence. And though I wish my gay brothers and sisters in Jamaica could be open and honest about who they are - doing so could and will lead to death. In some South American countries (i.e. Columbia) supporting any ideals that go against those in power could make an individual disappear permanently.

If these were the consequences of my activism - would I still do it? I would like to believe that I would, but I honestly don't know. I know that many of the priviledges I enjoy now are because people have fought, bled, and died demanding the inalieable rights promised to us in the Constitution. Demanding freedom from slavery, surviving the oppression of Jim Crowe, proving that seperate was not equal, rioting at Stonewall, overcoming the stigma of mental disorder for sexual orientation - my place in this world is much better because I'm following in the footsteps of fighters. But the fighting isn't over and we should be striving to make things just that much better for those that come after us.

Would you be willing to risk life or limb to do the right thing? How far would you go?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Am Not Getting Married!

Rumors have surfaced stating that Queen Latifah will be holding a public wedding to exchange vows with longtime girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins. Latifah has responded by adamantly declaring that there are no plans whatsoever for a wedding (notice, she did not say there was no relationship - just that there will be no wedding). In several recent interviews Latifah has stated that she is done disclosing any details about her sexual life.

What do you think? If Latifah is a lesbian should she come out? Do you think she would suffer any repercusions if she did?
I could personally never hate on Latifah. I LOVE HER. I do believe she plays on my team but if she chooses not to share that with the world, that's her business.
She is a remarkable talent and she excels at everything she does - rapping, acting, modeling, launching a cosmetics line, singing jazz and oh by the way did you know she is the producer on the soon to hit theaters blackbuster hit The Perfect Holiday. She really does have the Midas touch and she deserves all the accolades she receives.
With that being said, I believe she is THE black celebrity that can come out and stay on top of the game. Her appeal is so universal that I don't think sexual prefence could harm her image. I would love to see the headline when (or if) she decides to let it be known, but if that should never happen, she will still remain one of my all time favorites.
Now tell me, what you think. Should we be putting pressure on her to come out? Does Latifah owe it to us to share this information? People have been outing her for years. Do other people have the right to put her business out there like that - is that okay? Give me your feedback.

Jodie Foster Out

Black celebrities aren't the only ones that have difficulty disclosing their sexual orientation. For years now, Jodie Foster has refused to discuss this side of her life despite the demands of many gay rights activist. That is until yesterday. At the Women in Entertainment Power 100 breakfast in Los Angeles, Foster publicly acknowledged and thanked "my beautiful Cydney" after winning an award. Though she never hid her partner, she has also never discussed their relationship with the public until now.

I'm sure there are still many wonderful things in store for this two time Oscar winner. I personally don't believe this will hurt her career at all.

But you know how I do - I have to follow up with a brain teaser. Do you think she could continue to be successful if she were a man? Do you think she could come out and still be successful if she were black?

. . . For Goodness Sake

You already know this, you may have one of the best meals of your life at a restaurant. But then you visit it again a week later and the service is horrible and the food is mediocre. What will you remember most about the place? We always tend to remember the bad instances more so than the good.

Unfortunately, that will be the case for Ike Turner. Turner passed away yesterday at the age of 76. He is properly credited with being the Father of Rock & Roll. Yes, a black man gave birth to this musical genre. His 1958 record Rocket 88 allows him to claim this title.

His musical genuis falls in the shadow of his much publicized drug use and abuse of his wife Tina. And that is the legacy that he will carry with him. Yes he penned many brilliant songs and influenced probably thousands of musicians that followed in his path. There are some that will acknowledge his positive contributions and make note of the successes he had. But the majority will condemn him for all the bad things he did.
I want to remember Ike for the great things he did while he was here. Don't get it twisted, I know the things he did were fucked up. But he has done his time and asked for amends. I believe a person can be rehabilited and will believe he was sincere.
Rest in peace Ike.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Congrats to Dirty Laundry!

The long awaited (for me anyway) Dirty Laundry finally hit theaters in L.A. and New York on Friday and the kids came out and showed a tremendous amount of support. According to Keith Boykin, the movie trampled almost all others in per screen viewings over the weekend, beating out The Golden Compass, American Ganster, and Bee Movie.
I was hoping the premiere weekend of this movie would be a successful one, proving that a movie starring someone that is gay and black can draw a sizeable audience. Movies starring African-American LGBT characters are few and far between. We're seldom in the in the supporting role hardly ever do we take the lead. If we would like to see more movies like this, then we need to show up and support when opportunities like this present themselves.
Kudos to all those that have worked hard to make this movie a success: Maurice Jamal, Rockman Dunbar, Nathan Hale Williams, Keith Boykin, Loretta Divine - all ya'll. I'm so looking forward to this movie coming to Phoenix. Trust, I'm dragging everyone I know to see it.
Hopefully the success of Dirty Laundry will open doors for more movies starring black lesbian and gay characters. Maybe their success will mean that B-Boy Blues and Noah's Arc won't have any difficulty getting distribution.
But I do have a question, who has been your favorite black lgbt person on film (big screen or small screen, starring or supporting role)?

Sorry about being MIA

Hey ya'll. Sorry I have been missing in action. I am just returning from vacation. I took a week off and went home to Alabama to visit my family. Had to go and check on Mama and my twin brother. And I'm glad to say that everyone at home is doing well. Right before vacation, I was working like crazy making sure everything would be in check before I left.

But now I'm back and The J Spot will resume once again. The pic to the left is just me and my peeps from Phoenix kicking it (that's me on the bottom left). This is my famly while I'm living in the Phoenix.

Hope your holidays and going well and keep checking back for updates.