Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No More Down Low TV

Say what? Is this for real? This is the most exciting thing about the Fall television line up I've seen (right after No Ordinary Family). And though it may be online instead TV, I'm soooo looking forward to this. Now I don't think I have to tell you this but I'm gonna say it anyway, PLEASE SUPPORT THIS SHOW. It is made by us and for us and if we don't watch it then it will go away. Next year we'll still be sitting around crying "there's nothing out there for gay folks of color."

Well gay folks of color, here it is . . .

Keith Hamilton Cobb Comes Out

I'm surprised and excited and a bit puzzled about this announcement. I received an email from a friend (thanks Rod for keeping me in the loop) that Keith Hamilton Cobb has come out of the closet. Cobb is probably best known to most as the uber masculine Tyr Anasazi on the sci-fi series Andromeda. He is known to most readers of this blog as the boyfriend of the leading character in the second and final season of Logo's Noah's Arc. So as I'm doing a little background checking, I find the post from socybery.com (see it here) that makes this bold claim about Mr. Cobb. What's interesting to me is that the post is dated April 11 of this year.

My spider senses started tingling as I read this article. I'm wondering why was this written in April but I'm just learning about this five months later. I've narrowed this down to several possible assumptions. First, it could be that this bit of news (which I consider very interesting and almost juicy) is just untrue. The story could be fabricated. Or, it could be assumed that Cobb's star power has dimmed quite a bit and his relevence in Hollywood is just not there anymore. But even D list celebrities get media attention if their sexuality comes into question. And finally, it could just be that news about any thing black and gay is just not news for most. It is only interesting to others that are black AND gay.

I personally hope this is true. Lord knows we need more positive, affluent, and out members of the African-American community. As more black same gender loving people live authentic lives, and they live those lives openly, we will start to transition away from a culture of homophobia and intolerance and move toward being a community that is inclusive and loving. And I pray for the day when that happens.

Immigration Bill May Help LGBT Immigrants

According to The Advocate, a new bill that will be introduced to the Senate this week is expected to include help for some members of the LGBT community. According to news being shared from the office of Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, the immigration bill that their senator is introducing will include language for same-gender loving individuals.

“We fully expect that the Menendez comprehensive immigration reform bill will be inclusive of the Uniting American Families Act,” said Steve Ralls, director of communications for the pro-LGBT Immigration Equality. UAFA would allow American citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their same-sex partners for residency. “We have been in constant communication with Senator Menendez’s staff to ensure that the legislation will include lesbian and gay families,” Ralls added.

For me, this is very exciting news. I personally know several couples that have been in long term relationships where one of the partners is an immigrant. Now if these were straight couples this would not be an issue. They could get married and live happily ever after. Unfortunately as members of the LGBT community we are denied the right to marry and therefore are not afforded this luxury. As a result my friends have had to overcome some relationship burdening, legally taxing obstacles so that they can stay together. I don't think that's fair and I don't think that's constitutional.

So hopefully this bill will be LGBT inclusive and hopefully it will see its way to becoming law. If that happens I (and many of my friends) will release a collective sigh and dance a jig because it will definitely be a step in the right direction.

Re: Eddie Long

I just don't think I can add anything else to this . . .

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Noah's Song

Say what? Daryl Stephens (aka Noah) is now giving the singing thing a try. Thank you so much to Rod2.0 for bringing this interesting bit of news to our attention. According to Rod, Stephens has penned the lyrics, composed the music and sang on his first song "Envious Moon." For me Stephens can do no wrong. And after listening to his song I am still sticking with that sentiment. I really like it. Looking at the comments on Rods page I've noticed that there are already haters out there just all to eager to tear someone else down. When I hear one them compose and record a song then I'll give their opinion a second though but until then . . . kick rocks bitches. Daryl is a tremendous talent. Great actor, beautiful model, and tremendous advocaete for the LGBT community and the HIV community. Now he can add crooner to the resume. Get into the song here.
I've always stated how much I love the current mayor of New York, David Patterson. Now I have another reason to continue to name him greatest governor ever. Today Gov. Patterson signed into law the Dignity for All Students Law. The new law is an antibully bill aimed at making schools safe for students.

Gov. Patterson stated "Every student has the right to a safe and civil educational environment, but far too often young people are ruthlessly targeted by bullies. Bullying and harassment have disrupted the education of too many young people, and we in government have a responsibility to do our part to create learning environments that help our children prosper."

The law will not take effect until 2012 but once in action it will ban harassment and discrimination under several different classifications, including, but not limited to, the student's actual or perceived "race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender or sex."

Hopefully the passage of this legislation will help make schools of New York a better place for LGBT kids. Last year we had two eleven year old kids take their own life to they would not have to endure anti-gay harrasment from their peers. Stories like that are disheartening but all too real and occur way too often. No child should have to suffer through situations like these and schools should do more to create an environment free of this behaviour. Laws like this will help.

Governor Patterson has a tremondous track record of doing things to help the LGBT community. Although some of his most tremendous efforts have proven unsuccesful (like his push to bring same-gender marriage to his state) you have to applaud his courage to bring unpopular issues to forefront of New York politics. Kudos to Patterson and kudos on this law.