Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, May 8, 2009

Barack Obama's Gay Silence

CNN is questioning Barack Obama's decision to remain quiet regarding LGBT issues. During his campaigning days he seemed like he would be a tremendous advocate for our community. But now that he is in the White House he seems to be avoiding gay issues. No action has been taken regarding Don't Ask, Don't Tell and nothing has been done about the Defense of Marriage Act.

Now while CNN is questioning his silence on LGBT policy, I must point out that the LGBT community is still a big fan of Barack. He has appointed several LGBT people into some powerful and influential positions. There are two openly lesbian judges that are being considered for the Supreme Court seat that will be filled soon. And according to a poll that judged his first 100 days in office, gays and lesbians think he is doing a great job.

I know Barack has a lot on his plate with the economic climate were in, with the Swine flu panic, and with American idol winding down to the final three. But it is time for him to step up and follow through with some of the promises he made before he took the office. I'm not giving up on him yet - and I don't see me ever giving up on him. He's the rock Obama. But he can do more.

Watch the CNN video below:

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