Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AfterEltons Hot 100 Lists

The guys over at AfterEllen do their Hot 100 list every year and each year before I was always a bit disappointed because there were so few men of color included. Well this year they decided to shake things up a little. Not only do they have there general Hot 100 list, they also have the lists Hot 100 Out Gay Men, Hot 100 Men of Color, and Hot 100 Men Over 40.

You know you can't make everyone happy, so there were some people upset that they made a list exclusively for men of color. Well like my Mama alwasy says, "Fuck 'Em." I'm thrilled about each of the news lists they created. I do however question some of the names that made the top 10 in the Men of Color list. Denzel Washington and Blair Underwood were both on the list. Now don't get it twisted - yes these are some very sexy men. But there is a new wave of hotness that has come rolling in that should have trumped these mature icons. I ain't hating, I'm just questioning. But I'm still very happy the list was done.

Check out the Hot 100 list here.
Check ouf the Hot 100 Men of Color here.
Check out the Hot 100 Men Over 40 here.
Check out the Hot 100 Out Gay Men here.

And let me know what you think. Who should be in the top ten for men of color.

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Anonymous said...

Not one on the men of color list does a thing for me, although Will Smith is cute, and, I wonder who even voted for the ones who made it? Taye Diggs?????