Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sexual Molestion and the Black Community

Sadly enough molestation is a reality for many people I know. I don't feel comfortable saying that it happens to many African-Americans, but I do personally know many Black folks that have this as part of stories. Male and female. Straight and gay. I unfortunately have been told by many that they have family members that sexually molested them.

There are some people that use this as an excuse for the sexual orientation. I love Rahsaan Patterson's music soooo much and I admire that he came out as homosexual a couple of years ago. But I was disappointed to hear him say that the reason he is now gay is because he was molested as a kid. It is sad and unfortunate and inappropriate. But I don't think it will make you gay if you are indeed straight.

But the personal testimony coming from YouBoiNewNue in the video below was just too powerful for me to sleep on. He is speaking from his heart. And he's not passing blame or showing shame, he's just speaking his truth. And for real, there is a balm that comes from speaking your truth.

This inappropriate behaviour was never part of my story and I fortunate in saying that. My family was very loving and supportive across the board. Mom, dad, uncles, aunts, grantmothers. All loving. None acting a fool - not toward me anyway. And I thankful for this fact as I watch the video below.

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