Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seriously Disappointed with Barack

I'm trying to be optimistic. I still want to be a supporter. We have our first African-American President and I want to be hopeful that he will do something to fulfill the promises he made during his campaign. He seemed like he would be a terrific ally for the LGBT community. He promised to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. And though we know a repeal of the policy can only be done through Congress, Pres. Obama does have the executive power to end the firing of gay and lesbian soldiers until the policy is reviewed and more decisions can be made. But so far Obama has done nothing. He has said nothing. And there is no indication that he has plans on doing anything.

The talking heads from his administration that speak on his behalf say that Barack Obama is still concerned about this issue. But I'm growing sick of rhetoric. I feel like a traitor to the race for speaking out about this, but once I heard the story below I felt like I couldn't hold my tongue any more. Something needs to be done. This man, Lieutenant Colonel Victor J. Fehrenbach, has spent 18 years fighting for his country. And now, two years shy of retirement, he is being forced out based on a policy that should be removed. And Barack has the power to do something about this but he refuses too. And for that I am livid. I am pissed. I just have this feeling in my gut like I've been lied to by someone I trusted and admired. I feel betrayed.

President Barack Obama, if you are the advocate for the LGBT community that you claim to be then I need to see some action. Yes I know you have a lot on your plate. I get that - I really do. But it is not asking too much to draft an order stating no more individuals will be dismissed from the military based on the policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. You don't even have to draft the order, have someone from you administration draft it and just sign the damn thing.

Stories like the one below are an insult to LGBT community. But it also serves as a sign of President Obama's apathy. To not do anything when something like this happens is a statement that he doesn't care. For that I am hurt. I have to say the love I felt for him is slowly fading. But I will hold on to my Audacity of Hope and hope that he will soon do the right thing. But as each week passes my glimmer of hope fades even more.

Please watch the story below. If this doesn't move you to call on the President to take some action, then nothing will.

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