Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr. Joyce Brookshire - Faith Under Fire

She is the author of Soul Food. She has worked with countless individuals in entertainment including Diddy, Deborah Cox, and Aretha Franklin. Her story is simultaneously scary, discouraging, and inspirational. She found out that her husband had HIV and never disclosed this information to her. What's most amazing is that her story is not really unique.

One of the largest issues facing our community is HIV and Dr. Joyce Brookshire addresses this issue in her latest book Faith Under Fire: Betrayed By a Thing Called Love. The tremendously disproportianate infection rate we're seeing among African-American women is alarming. Hopefully this new book by Brookshire will allow us to address this elephant in the room. If we continue this trend of silence the problem will only escalate.

This week, Dr. Brookshrire will be in Phoenix promoting her book. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come out and support this amazing author.

Book signings will happen at
Thursday, July 17 - 6:30 - 7:30 PM
The Urban Tea Loft
11 West Boston Street Suite 2
Historic Downtown Chandler

Friday July 18 - 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Barnes & Noble Tempe Marketplace
2000 East Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281

Saturday, July 19 - 4:oo - 6:00 PM she returns to the Urban Tea Loft

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally Discussing Barack

I haven't posted much about Barack Obama or the presidential race. There is so much coverage on the news, in print, in the blogosphere - you just can't escape it. With so much over exposure there just wasn't much that I could add.

But the recent stunts and shows by the New Yorker has finally forced me to discuss this. Have you seen the cover? How in the hell did they think they could do this and not come under attack. But I have to admit - this is only the beginning. The attacks are going to only get worse as we get closer to November.

Jesse Jackson - WTF! If you didn't hear, Jesse commented that he wants to cut Obama's nuts off. Is he jealous of Barack's success? Why in the world would he do such a thing? Now I'm really not mad at Jesse for saying it because he is entitled to an opinion. I"m mad because he was dumb enough to get caught saying it. He had to know that a comment like this would be scrutinized by the media. Anything he says will be blown out of proportion (and he knows this). So why would he allow himself to be put in a situation where he allows the press to bid him AGAINST Barrack.

Kudos to Ebony magazine for naming Barack one of the Coolest Brothers on the planet. I love the photo they're using for the cover. Damn this picture makes him look hella sexy. I know image should not play a part in the election of our president, but truth be told it plays a large part. Not sure what photographer captured this image but great job. I think I'm going to frame this cover and put it on my wall.

Hancock Homophobic?

Will Smith and I have a special relationship. First of all I've chosen him to play me when they make the movie about my life. Also 4th of July weekend has on several occasions been Big Willie Weekend. We have seen several major movies from Will hit the theaters during our Independence Weekend. So with my birthday being July 2, I've been able to celebrate with Big Willie (by taking in his movies) while he rakes in the millions.

This latest big feature was again released on my birthday and I went and saw it opening day. I was very pleased. I left the theater thinking damn, that man makes good movies. So a few days ago I was browsing through the blogosphere and found several posts that talk about the homophobia in the movie.

I had to seriously think about this. Was there something in the movie that I should have been offended by? After diving into the first post I finally remembered the scene. Will Smith is playing the anti-hero. He is a drunk and he's rude and abrasive. When he saves the life of Jason Bateman's character, there is an effort to change his image and make him a good guy. So when a comic book is held to Hancock's face and he's asked, "What do you think?" he responds "Homo."

I thought it was kinda funny. Hey, it was funny. So now GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Againstg Defamation) and other bloggers are telling me that I should take offense. To that I say - Homo please! The man is playing an asshole. Have you stopped to think that maybe if someone like this is exhibiting this behaviour then maybe the movie is telling us that this is wrong.
I think Will Smith has done enough for our community to not warrant this attack. He has lended his celebrity status to the fight against HIV/ AIDS? Or have they forgotten that already? By the way that's will in the far left in the photo above. His fight against HIV has helped the cause in Africa and here at home. Just before the release of the movie Will was the host of the 46664 concert to raise money for the disease in South Africa.

In his first attempt at the big screen, Six Degrees of Celebration, he plays a homosexual. Or have they forgotten? Now I'll be the first to admit - as far as gay cinema goes, this is not the best in the barrel. But we have to give him credit for the effort. Also, I love the fact that he's a bottom in the movie. I still crack up when I picture him being caught with his legs in the air.

The main reason I love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is that Will (although he played straight) was often able to queen out without it coming off as offensive or demeaning to gays.

If Will didn't have a track record of being a friend to the community I would give these posts some validity. But because of this history these posts that attack Will Smith and his character piss me off. Quit reading so damn much into one line of a movie.

Also, how hot is Will in his uniform? Maybe I'm turning into a leather daddy but I have to admit I think it's hot. How can you be mad at man that looks like this. I mean really - he could probably slap me in front of my mama and call me out of my name and I'd forgive him (LOL). But seriously, this age of political correctness has gone a bit too far when we allow something as minimal as this to get the red flags waving. There are way to many other real issues we need to be focusing on.

Jennifer Hudson - Doing The Most

Let's talk about Jennifer Hudson. First let's discuss her performacne in Sex In the City. Now before we go any further, if you haven't seen the movie yet then you need to rush out and see it. The movie is great. And oh by the way, there are already talks about the sequel because the movie did much better at the box office than anticipated. I guess they underestimated the power of Carrie and the girls.

Now let's talk about Ms. Hudson. In the movie she plays Louise from St. Louis. She is a single girl in New York looking for love. Now it may sound corny but it worked for me. I loved her performance as the girl moving to the big city trying to find her place in this world.

Now let's talk about the songs she given us thus far. I won't even bring up her jaw dropping rendition of And I'm Telling You. I won't tell you it was good enough to make Jennifer Holiday raise an eyebrow. I'm not gonna tell you any of that at all. I'm only gonna talk about her new singles.
First there is song from the SITC soundtrack All Dressed Up In Love. This is one of those catchy head-bobbing tunes that'll have you prancing around the room without even realizing it. Then there is her first single from her upcoming solo project. The video/ single were released last week for Spotlight. Jennifer looks fabulous and sounds divine in the video.

But then we have the CD cover. Now come one on, was this really needed? Effie White would not be pleased with what they've done to Jennifer on the cover. Jennifer is naturally beautiful and does not this "makeover" to sell records. The people over at Jive Records are pulling stunts and shows. The digital slimming down of Jennifer isn't needed.

What do you think? Do you like the music she's done since Dreamgirls? And what do you think of this cover?

Gabrielle Union Talks to the Gays

Okay - so I luv me some Gabrielle Union. It's not a secret. She hasn't played a role yet that disappointed me. Just when I thought my luv for her couldn't get any greater, she goes and plays a lesbian in Running With Scissors - joining the ranks of other phenomenal black actors (Queen Latifah, Victoria Powell, Wesley Snipes, Ving Rhames) that prove that playing gay is not career suicide.

She knows she has a huge gay following. What can I say - we gays luv the divas. This month she sat down with the guys over at out.com to dish out some advice.

Here is her list of ten things she wants us to be ware of . . .
1. Just like y’all don’t wanna be fashion designers, we don’t all wanna be your tortured muses.
2. When we show up at one of your fabulous parties, please refrain from asking “Who brought the fish?”
3. Let’s make a deal: You don’t call during Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t call during Ugly Betty.
4. Don’t ask to borrow my skinny jeans -- and then tell me they’re too big.
5. Techno music? Really?
6. When I ask you how I look, avoid using “Cute,” “You remind me of my mother,” and “Time to get your weave tightened.”
7. Just because you won’t sleep with me doesn’t mean you can get all shy when the dinner bill comes.
8. If you know some twisty-twirly trick to speed things up in bed, don’t keep it in the gay vault. I ain’t got all night.
9. Yeah, Posh Spice really is fierce.
10. If there’s a hot new guy in your life, don’t forget to call us. And not just to borrow our flatirons.