Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, May 15, 2009

Six Down, 44 More To Go

The governor of New Hampshire has announced that he will sign legislation extending full marraiage rights to gay and lesbian couples in his state. Once done, his will become the sixth state in the union to recognize same sex marriages. The momentum is building and I just have a feeling there are more states on the horizon.

Legislation recognizing same sex marriage has already passed in the New Hampshire Senate and House of Representatives. Governor John Lynch (and let me just point out that I'm just very uncomfortable with his last name) has stated that he would like to see some change in language to the bill before he puts his name on it. He wants the legislation to include some type of protection for religious institutions. If a church chooses not to perform a gay wedding, he does not want people to be able to legally go after that church. I'm happy that the governor is now taking this action because initially he was not planning on signing the bill at all.

Now that the governor is on board with same sex marriage, the Christian right is now launching a campaign aimed at swaying back to his original stand of leaving marriage between a man and a woman. It's about as convincing as the "There's A Storm Coming" campaign we saw a couple of months ago. I'm hoping Gov. Lynch isn't fooled by these tactics, but you can check out there video below.

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