Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, May 1, 2009

Must Watch Movie - Strange Fruit

While learning about the new hate crimes legislation that just passed in the US House of Representatives, learn more here, I was reminded so much of the movie Strange Fruit. Strange Fruit was one of those rare finds that I'd never heard of until I was directed to it by Amazon. In the new hate crimes bill there is an allusion to local law enforcement being unwilling or unable to prosecute crimes against the LGBT community. It is the unwilling part that made me think of this movie. In it a black gay man is murdered and local police officers just don't care.

The movie is by no means new but when I mention it to friends, no one seems to have heard of it. So I encourage all of you within the sound of my voice to get it and watch it. Here is the product description from Amazon:

Set in contemporary rural Louisiana, "Strange Fruit" explores the tribulations of William Boyals, a successful New York lawyer and gay African-American who comes home to the life from which he escaped to investigate the lynching of his also-gay childhood friend, Kelvin. Amidst the sultry beauty of the bayou, William is forced to wade through a bog of conspiracy involving an insidious network of local law and a dangerously entrenched subculture. At the same time, he finds himself having to confront the reasons he left in the first place. The harder he looks, the deeper he gets, until the veil is pulled back to reveal a quagmire of racism and homophobia that threatens his life.

The movie garnered some very bad comments and reviews on Amazon but I needed to see it for myself. And guess what - don't believe the lies they're throwing at you. This is a really good movie. Great prodution and great acting. Now I'll be the first to admit that the ending was somewhat bizarre; but I can say that about nearly every Spike Lee movie I've ever seen. Check out the trailer below.

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