Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hate Continues

Former DC governor Marion Barry was on hand to speak at a rally opposing same-sex marriage held last Tuesday, April 28. The meeting was organized by Rev. Harry Jackson who is the first speaker you will see in the video below. I have to tell you the words I heard made me sick to my stomach. The video opens with the crowd singing we shall overcome which was a song sung often during the Civil Rights Movement. The song is supposed to offer words of encouragement and hope to an oppressed group of people. It's interesting that the song is now being used to oppress.

It was disturbing to me to see people I consider part of my community using language that compared me to thieves, liars and child molesters. One individual stated that sames-sex marriage should not be allowed for the same reasons incest and adult/ child marriages should not be allowed. The Rev. Jackson states that he doesn't preach hate, but all I hear coming out of his mouth is hate. I am not a person that is easily offended but this video had me fuming.

It's intersting also that Marion Barry was one of the speakers at this event when not that long ago he claimed to be an ally of the LGBT community. Maybe the lack of crack in his life is to blame for this wishy-washy behavior. But I think the most appalling thing to me are the consant "amens" I hear coming from the crowd in response to these words.
I wonder how these people responded when they learned of the 11 year old kids that took their lives because of anti-gay name calling and harrasment. They were probably saddened and concerned about the welfare of the mothers and wondered how things like that could happen. I wonder if they get that the actions they're taking are probably doing more damage to LGBT youth than any high school bully could do. My favorite line from the movie Prayers for Bobby was "be careful when you say amen." You never know who is listening.

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