Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arizona Reponds to Prop 8 Decision

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of California rendered it's decision regarding the constitutionality of Prop 8. The decision came as a mighty blow to the LGBT community as they decided that Prop 8 is constitutional. This means that same-sex couples will not be permitted to marry in the state of California. The court did however decide that the 18,000 couples that married prior to the ban will continue to be recognized. Though this is good news for the 18,000; the impact this has on the over community has been devastating.

In most cities yesterday people took to the streets shouting there disappointment. Phoenix was no exception. There were several couples on site that made the journey to California to conduct there weddings. I think there was a consensus to there feelings, though they were relieved that there unions are still recognized, they're still very discouraged by the events of the day. Basically the rights of the few have been stripped away by the majority and that just isn't right.

It was amazing to see people gathered for this cause. Protestors carried banners and posters. Couples held hands. People chanted and marched. The energy of the crowd was amazing and enthusiastic. But today is a new day and I'm left wondering what's going to happen next. I don't think I have the patience to see this fight carried out on a state by state basis. We will NEVER see marriage equality that way. We need a repeal of the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) that was promised us. But I'm getting more and more afraid that our President has no plans on making this happen.

If you like to see more pics from the event go here.

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