Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ursula Burns Named New CEO of Xerox

Though I love being an advocate for the LGBT community, my bread and butter is Xerox Corporation. I joined the Xerox family in 1997 and I've been very happy with the company. But I began to glow just a bit more yesterday when I received the email that our current CEO, Anne Mulcany, will be resigning from her position and the current president of the company, Ursula Burns will become the CEO effective July 1. That's not to say I'm happy that Anne is leaving. Mulcany has done a fabulous job running the company. I honestly believe she is the person that saved us from bankruptcy or from being acquired by one of our competitors. But I'm just extremely excited to learn that a sistah will be running the company.

I know the short hair in the photo may fool you, but don't get it twisted, Ursula is very much heterosexual. She is happily married with two kids. This transition will make Xerox the largest company ran by an African-American woman. Do yo thang Ursula. I'm not a hater. I get elated when I learn that black folks are doing powerful, influential positive things. I'm sure she will do an amazing job in her new position.

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