Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remembering Theo Kirkland

This weekend Washington will recognize and honor and remember one of it's own heroes. Theodore Kirkland passed away in February of this year, but the legacy he left on the city will never be forgotten. He activism was without limits a he has left his footprints all over DC. Theo was co-founder of several DC organizations including Black Pride, Best Friends and GLF/ DC.

Though I may never have known Theo, I can tell you that he left an impression on me. Having attended several black pride celebrations around the country I can honestly say that DC is one of my favorites. So to one of the organizers of this phenomenal event I say thank you. Thank you Theo for creating a venue where LGBT African-Americans can gather and fellowship and party and unite in solidarity. I also say thank you to Theo for being an advocate on LGBT issues.

With DCs Black Pride Celebration coming up, I'm hoping many of those in attendance will take a moment to recognize this terrific man for contributions he gave our community.

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