Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gay Marriage and Pageants Continues

Just as we were getting over the drama of Ms. California and her controversial comments regarding gay marriage in the Ms. USA pageant, along comes another pageant contestant that gets a similar question. In the Ms. Botswana contest, Sumaiyah Marope was asked if she would advocate for same-sex marriage.

Her answer was basically the same as Ms. California's. “It is an unnatural act,” Marope proclaimed. “God made us men and women [... ] It is only proper for men to have relationships with women as God created us.” The response to her answer however was vastly different. Whereas Carrie Prejean (Ms. California) received boos from the audience and went on to lose the competition. Marope received thunderous applausse from the audience and went on to win the title Ms. Botswana. The prize for winning Ms. Botswana garnered her a US $700 bracelet from rapper Russell Simmons, a brand new Mercedes Benz, and an academic scholarship.

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