Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 States Down - 45 to Go

Yesterday, Maine became the 5th state in the U.S. to recognize same-sex marriage. I just have to scream - WAY TO GO MAINE! In spite of the disappointing CNN poll I just learned about yesterday which stated that the majority of the country is opposed to same-sex marriage, it's thrilling to learn that some states are continuing to do the right thing. I also hear the we are just a bit closer to New Hampshire recognizing LGBT marriage. The New Hampshire Senate has approved legislation that will allow for same-sex and now we await a vote today to find out where the House of Representatives stands.

Also yesterday, Washington DC approved a measure that require recognition of the unions of LGBT couples that transfer to the district. I'm continuously reminded of a song by India Arie - "Headed In The Right Direction."

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