Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LGBT Youth Forum in Tempe

A forum to address the rights of LGBT youth is scheduled for this Thursady at Westside Community Center in Tempe. The forum is being sponsored by GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) and the ACLU. The forum is being held to make all LGBT students aware of their rights in schools. It is also urging all school boards to develop anti-bullying policies to protect LGBT students from unlawful conduct including harassment and intimidation.

I personally am excited about this forum and I'm glad to GLSEN and the ACLU put together such an event. We should all know about the two 11 year olds that killed themselves 10 days apart because of anti-gay bullying. But there are actions being done not just by peers but also by school facutly that needs to be addressed. Last week a school in Mississippi put out flyers for the prom with the statement "opposite sex couples only" on it. And here in the Valley, a 14 year old student was told by his principal that he could not wear his rainbow bracelet to school. Yes these issues are discouraging and disappointing, but they're also illegal and students need to be aware of their rights.

So if you're available then I encourage you to come down and raise your voice on this issue. Often times our youth maybe too afraid or too embarassed to address an issue on their own. Sometimes they need an ally or an advocate to take a stand for them. So please put some time aside and make yourself available for this important night.

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