Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, November 19, 2007

Rahsaan Patterson Comes Out!

If you're a fan of Neo-Soul, then you undoubted know the name and the voice of Rahsaan Patterson. You would think that the release of his new CD Wines and Spirits would be the big news right now. However, the CD release sits in the shadows of his recent announement. This month, in an interview with BETJ.coms John Murph, Patterson held his first public discussion about his homosexuality and his thoughts on homophobia. I just want to say way to go Rahsaan.

I've loved Rahsaan since he freshman debut - his self titled CD that included the hits Stop By and Where You Are. Every CD he's released since has been phenomenal.

Just a few months ago, we saw R&B artist Donnie come out. Now Rahsaan Patterson. Finally, black gay men being comfortable enough to come out of the closet without fear. Both of these men are brave for what they're doing. The truth is, some people hate them for their honesty. Some people will tell you not to support them because they choose this lifestyle. So, it is powerful to me to see these men being fearlessly truthful inspite of the what ifs.

So, if you haven't go out and pick up there CDs. I'll continue to say it - we must support our own.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, he never said he was gay/bi/straight or anything in the entire article. Re-read please.