Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Official: Darryl Stephens - OUT!

He has never been one to deny his sexuality, but he has also never disclosed - until now. This year Darryl Stephens joins the famous Out 100 annual list of influential LGBT trendsetters.
I just want to say way to go Darryl for standing up and being true to who you are and taking your place as a role mode for young (and old) African-American gay men.
I can totally understand the decision not to share too much personal information when there is the possibility that outing yourself could hurt your career. But Stephens' career thus far has been defined his sexuality. He stars in Noah's Arc and Boy Culture. In both roles he is gay and out.
You've no idea had excited I was to learn about the series Noah's Arc. My decision to get cable (and specifically the Logo channel) was totally based on this show. Even without coming out I would put Darryl on a pedestal. His coming out has made him even more impressive.
And for those of you that have not done so, pick up Noah's Arc Season 1 and 2 and Boy Culture.

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Ms. L said...

Whenever I am on Keith Boykin's site, I click on all links. I like to keep up with all things 'family'. Well congratulations Jason! your blog is great. And just like you to know I am a huge fan of 'Noah' and the boy's. I still don't know the real deal behind Logo's decision to cancel, do you? I'll tell you this though, I canceled Logo. A Damn movie. If they can do some big budget shit like that, they can keep these brothers working. Smells like envy to me. well anyway ,congrats again.

In case you don't know , this is Loi Wade. I have yet to set up my blog. Check back in a few days.