Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Lt. Col. Fehrenbach has served the military faithfully for 18 years. He has been rewarded for his above and beyond action. The Air Force has spent approximately $25 million on his extensive training. His service has been exceptional and his aviator skills are extraordinary. He is two years shy of retirement and he was outed. I first wrote about Fehrenbach in a post called Seriously Disappointed with Barack, please check it out here.

Fehrenback is now being forced out of the military for being gay. Barack promised that he would put an end to the ridiculous Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy of our military. Now this tremendous man and phenomenal soldier that has spent his life serving our country is suffering because of a policy that should now be obsolete.

After reading an email I just received from a friend (thanx for the heads up Bill), I just found out about a petition thats floating around in an effort to save the lieutenant and to end the DADT policy. I am asking if you would please go to the link below and add your name to the list. It's disappointing that it's come to this point but this man should not have to endure this kind of treatment.


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