Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lynda Cater on Gay Rights, WonderWoman and Music

Just left AfterEllen and was very pleased to see an interview with probably the greatest gay icon of all time. Bigger than Ms. Ross. Bigger than Cher. Bigger than Elton. I'm talking about the one and only Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter. Now I don't know about you - but her show shaped me more than probably in other show when I was a kid.

I should be a little embarassed to tell this story, but I'm not. I distinctly remember my brother and I playing as kids. It was summer so there was no school and we were left to our devices to amuse ourselves. So we decided to become superheroes and frolic about the yard. My brother was Batman. He made a mask for himself and that was the only alteration he needed. But as for me, there was no other hero worthy of my time than the timeless Diana Prince herself. This was the 70s so the coochie cutter shorts weren't really taboo - all kids straight and gay were wearing these. But I matched those short shorts with some cowboy boots. Then I found a towel and crafted myself a halter top. I went into my Mama's room and found some braclets. Then I found a piece of her hair jewelry that I could craft into a tiera. I was probably 5 or 6 at the time, but child Iwas fierce. And I remember singing the theme song from the show as I went running about the yard. Good times - good times.

But back to Lynda Carter. She states in her interview that she was once told, "Girl, I'll tell you something, if you ever have a gay following you will know that you've made it." So about fifteen years ago when she received a phone call from a lesbian magazine wanting to talk with her she was thrilled because that was the moment she realized the LGBT community idolized her. She speaks also in the new interview about gay marriage and equality for the gay community. She seems to get it. She understands that were not asking for special rights just equal rights.

The interview is a very worthwhile read because she talks more to and about the LGBT community. She talks about her days wearing the red, white and gold costume and about the her appearing in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. She even talks about the other iconic women we adore like Charlies Angels, Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Lyndsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman). And she talks about her new CD. Music was her first love and she is returning to it. Her CD At Last will be available on June 9. Get into the interview here.

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Roderick Watkins said...

Great story J! Thanks for sharing. I must confess when I played superhereos as a child i would garner a magic laso and bracelets, I just was never brave enough to claim I was Diana. I would make up a male version of WonderWoman. I was in love with me some Lynda Carter though. lol good times, good times.