Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama's Call To Action Falls On Deaf Ears

Rep. Alcee Hastings (pictured in the photo to the right) organized a letter asking our President to end the military discharging of gay and lesbian soldiers. Hastings succeeded in getting 76 members of the U.S House of Representatives to sign the letter. You would think with this number of people [this number of Representatives] asking the Obama to take action that he would do something. I would think this call to action would garner some result. But again the request for Barack to live up to his promises has fallen on deaf ears. The President still refuses to draft an executive order stopping the discharges.

I'm aware that he can not do anything about don't ask, don't tell - that is the job of the legislature. But he does have the power to end the firing. He does have the power to temporarily cease this policy that is ruining the lives of my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. This man who claimed to a "fierce advocate" continues to do nothing. Domestic partner benefits that do not include health insurance don't count. The only reason people need domestic partner benefits is health insurance. Acknowledging that June is LGBT Pride month does not count. We know this already. It's been deemed as pride month for many years without his declaration. I want to see the President do something significant and relevent. I am growing tired of the pomp and circumstance I keep hearing and the action that I am not seeing.

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