Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, June 22, 2009

Batwoman Is a Lesbian

How the hell did I not hear about this? Apparently in 2006, DC comics outed Batwoman as a lesbian. I do love the comics and I try to stay on top what's happening in the world of superheroes; but somehow I missed this juicy tidbit. She was outed in a limited weekly series three years ago, but now DC is announcing Batwoman (she's a woman now - she's batgirl no more) is returning with a monthly feature that should last at least a year. Hopefully this series takes off and we see a lot more of Batwoman in the future. It's about time we got some gay superheroes.

The LGBT community has been wanting this for years. I vaguely remember the Flash being gay for some reason (I can't rememer if that was something DC did or just some secret longing I just wanted to happen). On Queer as Folk we saw the creation of Rage, the comic brought to life by the partnering of Justin and Michael on the show. My friend William, creator of Heroic Rising, will also be bringing us a gay superhero. And we can't forget the ambigously gay duo that would often appear on Saturday Night Live. But we've been wanting a gay superhero featured in a comic book that we could frequently purchase for sometime now. For some reason I thought Marvel comics would be the innovative group that would bring it to us (I would love it if they made Storm a lesbian). But it looks like it's DC that had the courage first. Way to go DC! And way to go Batwoman. Now let's get more out gay heroes out there.

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