Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ms. California Loses Her Crown

I just have three words for former Ms. California (and hater of gay marriage) Carrie Prejean - beat it bitch. Donald Trump just told the girl she's fired which is just absolutely delightful to me. Many people have speculated that Carrie's answer regarding same-sex marriages is what cost her the title of Ms. USA. And I'll be honest I really didn't care about her answer one way or the other. Let's be real, it is a beauty contest. She will not be called upon help develop legislation. She will not decide what is or isn't unconstitutional regarding our community. She was just a pretty girl in a pretty girl contest. Her answer was her opinion and I can't hate on her for that.

My pleasure in seeing her lose the title is a bit selfish. One - I was sick of her periodically popping up defending her answer. Girl it's behind you. Just let it go. Two - I was sick of the Christian right and various other conservative groups elevating her to iconic status. She was becoming the poster child for what good Americans should be thinking (not doing because we can't forget those nearly naked photos of her popped up following the competition). I still don't understand the controversy over the photos. She was a contestant in a beauty contest but for some reason people acted all shocked when revealing photos of her were discovered. So we can require her to parade across the stage in next to nothing but when she does some modeling outside of the competition for some reason we develop morals and what she did was wrong. The photos were not published in some racy magazine and they were done by a professional photographer. I just didn't get it.

I have a feeling that this isn't the end of Ms. Carrie baby. She may pull a Vanessa Williams and become more famous following the pageant than she was before. But no matter what I feel about her (and I'm not a fan) I must admit - that picture above is fierce. The wind swept hair. The Wonder Woman pose. The bitch is serving.


Anonymous said...

While I think its great that she got canned, in the end she'll get rich from it as she will now be a 'martyr' and there are plenty of folks who will pay to hear her talk and make sure she gets a gig on Fixed Noise.

Jason Howard Green said...

Unfortunately you're exactly right. I'm sure she's going on a speaking tour because her message is exactly what many people want hear.