Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop Is Dead

My drive home today was one of the most tumultuous I've ever done. Today, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died at the age of 50. In spite of his much televised and often covered controversial life, I remain a fan of the man and his art. The accusations of pedophilia that always come up when you mention his name do force me to raise and eyebrow; but to me those controveries lived in the shadow of his talent. Michael was an amazing singer and even more gifted dancer. Though we lost perhaps the greatest entertainer of all-time today, the legacy of music he leaves behind will ensure that he will remain in the hearts of millions for forever.

On the drive home today I had to call my mama to talk about what was the hot topic of the office, Michael's death. Because I didn't charge my phone last night the phone died right in the middle of the conversation. For the remainder of my commute it was just me and my radio and most stations were playing nothing but Michael's music. When I heard Gone To Soon I lost it. I was driving down the 101 in tears. Then PYT started playing and I was dancing so much I could hardly keep my hands on the steering wheel. The came Heal the World and the depression would sink in. Then came Wanna Be Starting Something and once again it was on.

It is disappointing to hear all the negativity and hateration floating around regarding his death. But fuck 'em all. Michael is the King. Always has been. Always will be. Justin Timerlake. Usher. Ne-yo. Chris Brown. All these kids owe there careers to Michael. You can see Michael reflected when any of them perform.
Michael Jackson - you will be missed.

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