Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is the Ex-Gay Movement Hurting the LGBT Community?

I don't know about you but I know that I did not choose to be gay. For me, I sincerely believe with all my being that God made me who I am. Being this fabulous can only be a divine gift from God. But recently I am becoming more and more aware of ex-gays giving there testimonies and explaining how they have been delivered from their homosexuality. I'm not sure if there is an increase in numbers or if the status quo has remained the same but they're just getting more attention, but whatever the case the ex-gay movement is making its way more into the mainstream.

One of the more recent former homosexuals but now saved, sanctified and redeemed is Larrel. You can see her in the video below. Larrel and her band of followers are ex-homosexuals, ex-mastubators, ex-whatevers and ex-you-name-its. She says that she is so much happier since being delivered.

Thanx to loldarian.com for giving me a heads up about the video below. I don't know if the guy was delivered from his homosexuality or not. He went to his church and asked them to cast the homosexual demon out of his body. The video is a bit shocking. It contains the exorcism. The church ladies are running around hysterically. At one point the man is rolling about on the floor as if he is having a seizure. Towards the end he vomits and one of the ladies shouts "catch it in the plastic bag" as if this is the demon being released from his body. There are actually two parts of the video and version below is the second half.

I can only speak for myself; I can not speak for other people. But I can and will make assumptions. One of my favorite shows on BET-J was My Two Cents which featured two same-gender loving individuals as hosts, Keith Boykin and StacyAnn Chin. Chin made reference several times on the show that she chose to be a lesbian. I have no reason to doubt her. She seems very sincere. But I'm happy Keith pointed out to her on the show, "You do see how that confuses people don't you."

Keith Boykin did not choose to be gay. None of my gay friends chose to be gay. I did not choose to be gay. So when some individuals say that for them it was a choice, it gives people ammunition. They can then claim that this is the case for the entire LGBT community. IT IS NOT. For the majority of us we did not have a choice in this.

Adding more fuel to the fire is this seemingly new trend of ex-gays that are so pleased to announce there exodus from the land of homosexuality. Probably one of the more famous is acclaimed gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. McClurkin compared his homosexuality to diabetes. With diabetes you still have a desire for sugar but if you stay away from it long enough the craving slowly goes away. I guess he's saying that by not having sex with men, his homosexuality is going away. I'm not quite sure I can agree with that logic.

Again I have to say that I don't know these people and I can't speak for these people. Looking at the video of Larrel, she seems sincere as she's speaking. Knowing the prejudice and hatred people harbor at us I can understand an individuals desire to no longer be gay. My issue is the harm this is doing to the LGBT individuals that are comfortable in their skin and have no desire to change. These testimonies give the conservatives and the Christian-right more reason to continue their hatred toward our community. It also gives politicians reasons to deny us protective legislation and equality. It gives them the power to say, "Look at these individuals, they can change. Then the rest of them can change to."

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Roderick Watkins said...

Jason whether there are ex-gays or if homosexuality can be attributed to choice, does not justify homophobia or negate our civil rights in this society or as human beings.

There is a segment within christianity that utilizes pain and fear as tools to convert followers. They tell you that whatever ills you is sin and GOD can take it away. That once you have truly accepted Christ and are reborn that you will be free of your pain, fear, and confusion. Unfortunately this is a lie.

The truth is pain, fear, and confusion are parts of the human experience. Whether you have accept GOD or not you will still have these emotions. As long as you are living you will not be able to escape these feelings.

I think the girl in the first video is very sincere. She has found a temporary relief from alot of pain and confusion she has been experiencing. The issue is what will happen when once pain and confusion return. Than what sin will she blame it on.

Our souls are immortal this is taught by all religions and therefore can't be harmed they are not in need of being saved.These people are seeking emotional relief, something that the religions of Abraham in there current state are indequate at teaching.

Emotions are temporary and will pass. What theses people need are resources and coping skills to help when in the midst of emotional difficulties. Are society opts to using drugs or supernatural rememdies (prescribed by religions) that eventually wear off leaving people defenseless against emotions which they naturally have control over.

If you don't believe me put on your favorite song or look at a picture of something that makes you happy. Instantly you have changed your emotional state.

What these people are lacking is emotional development and maturity which can only come through practice. You have to train yourself to be happy.

That second video is just theater. You can use many things to induce vomitting in people.