Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New York Governor Wants Same-Sex Marriage

No - the governor of New York is not gay (stop reading into the headline). He is just smart enough to realize to same gender loving couples deserve the same rights and privileges as all other couples. And though his support of equal rights of the LGBT community is not new, he just announced that he will be re-introducing legislation that will permit gay and lesbian couples the same right to marry that straight couples now have in the state. According to the Advocate, the governor will introduce the legislation on April 28, on their annual gay right's lobby day.

Governor David Paterson is one of only two African-American governors in the US (the other is Deval Patrick of Massachusetts). Interestingly enough, these governors are probably the strongest allies we have of all governors in our quest for marriage equality. Both are pushing to allow it in their states.

So kudos to both these men for their courage in fighting for our equality. I'm looking forward to seeing what happening in New York in April aftet Paterson's legislation is introduced. A similar bill was proposed in 2007 but it stalled in the Senate. We'll find out soon if the winds of change occur.

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