Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unforgettable Pride Moment Number Seven

Casa de Cristo hosts there Fall Festival every year on Halloween night. It is a festival that is not only enjoyed by the LGBT community, it is inclusive of all families and friends that live around the church. The church provides food, fun and festivities for FREE to all that attend.

I first heard of there Fall Festival last year when I received an invite from Pastor Ronnie Pigg. Now Halloween is probably my favorie holiday of the year so I usually have several things on my calendar for the day. But I really do adore Pastor Ronnie and I couldn't turn down his invite. So although I had two other parties to attend that night I figured I would make a brief appearance.

Turns out my appearance wouldn't be as brief as I thought it would be. Let me first say that you can not walk on this campus and not feel overly welcomed. Every member of the church greets you with a smile and a "thanks for coming." The Friends of God band perform all night. And I lost track of the number of hot dogs and cotton candy I digested. And there were lots of games for the kids. This event is phenomenal and all in attendance have a great time.

For all these reasons the Casa de Cristo Fall Festival is number seven on my list of unforgettable pride moments. To see pics from the event, please go here.

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