Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Unforgettable Pride Moments - Number Six

Since the passing of Prop 102 in Arizona and more importantly Prop 8 in California, the people of this state have been rallying, and candlelight vigiling, and marching unlike anything I've ever seen before. Several new organizations have emerged in the Valley. And I swear I've received a Facebook invititation to some event atleast twice a week since the election happened last November.

I'm proud to see such a tremendous response to this slap in the face. It's great to know that we as a community will not sit idly by and wait for others to one day recognize we deserve equality. We are standing up and demanding the rights we deserve.
As a man that is in a long term relationship (my partner and I have been together for twelve years) I too would like the right to our relationship being recognized by all states and by the federal government. It is very exciting to see the things happening in Vermont and New York and Iowa. Those progressive states are definetely setting a precedent that one day all states will have to follow. But this fight we must endure until that day happens is thrilling to watch.

So for these reasons, Arizona's LGBT (and allies) standing up for marriage equality makes number six on my list of unforgettable pride moments. To see some photos from some of the events from around town go here.

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