Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unforgettable Pride Moments - Number Nine

Number nine on my list of unforgettable pride moments is marching for marriage equality with Soulforce. Soulforce went on a tour in 2006 with a pledge to do something about marriage equality. On each stop on their journey across the country they marched tirelessly (okay - some of them did grow tired) for the right of all LGBT people to be able to marry the person of their choice.

While in Arizona they walked for a total of 96 miles. There plan was to visit all the city halls in the Greater Phoenix area to talk with mayors and rally for our right to marry. They mapped out their course and their schedule online and invited people to join them. I joined Soulforce for the final few miles of their journey. I found them at the Phoenix City Hall where we were greeted by some members of the mayor's team (the mayor himself wasn't available) then we walked to the state capital ending their 96 mile pilgrimage.

As we walked across the lawn of the capital we all joined hands and someone started singing , "We Shall Overcome." The feeling that overcame me was surreal. The realization that I'm involved a civil rights struggle became more embedded in me at that moment.

This remarkable bunch of young people were all energetic and engaging and fighting for something they believed to be important. They are exceptional role models for everyone young and old and I was blessed to be apart of them if only for that moment. For these reason, my walk with Soulforce is number nine on my list of Unforgettable Pride Moments.

You can see more photos from the Soulforce visit to Arizona here

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