Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top Homos In Uganda?

In the April 19 issue of the The Red Pepper, a tabloid from Uganda, the paper maliciously generated a list of the "Top Homos in Uganda." In the country which is extremely homophobic this paper has created this list which includes names, places of employment, home residents, and names of boyfriends or girlfriends of the people listed.

The purpose of this list according to the article is to expose "Uganda’s shameless men and unabashed women that have deliberately exported the western evils to our dear and sacred society."

I haven't heard if anyone has been targeted because of the list but I'd be surprised if not. I'm sure I just have heard the results yet. This list was created to generate an environment of hatred and fear to put people in a mob mentality. This list was created so that everyone on it would become a victim. I pray for the individuals on the list. May they be okay and escape the persecution that the writers of this article wanted.

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