Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do Not Pass Go - Go Directly to Jail

The jury hearing the trial of Allan Andrade, the man accused of the murder of Angie Zapata, wasted no time at all in deliberations. Following the trial it took them only two hours to come back with a verdict of guilty. The trial ended yesterday and friends and family of Zapata and members of the LGBT community are rejoicing in the finding.

Andrade killed Zapata after learning that she was transgender. He approached her in her apartment after previously having had sex with her and asked her if she was a man or a woman. When she responded with, "I'm all woman" he grabbed her genitals and discovered the truth. He then grabbed a fire extinguisher and struck her twice in the head. He stated to the police he thought he had "killed it." When she started making noises and tried to sit up he realized that she wasn't dead. So he bashed her again in the head with the fire extinguisher and grabbed everything in the apartment that could connect him with Zapata.

I know that people can react violently when learning about the true identity of a sexual partner when that partner is transgender. I'm not saying it's okay I'm just saying that I know that transpanic is a real thing. But real or not, no person needs to die because of this. Andrade's actions were deplorable, they were fueled by hate and they will have consequences. The crime was tried as a hate crime would add an additional 18 months to his sentencing, but he's been sentenced to life in prison.

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