Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, April 10, 2009

AfterElton Hot 100 List

Today AfterElton.com opened up the polls for nominations for their Hot 100 List. So you are invited to list the five hottest celebrities you fantasize about for the list. I have been (probably like many others) not always impressed by the list because there have traditionally been very few men of color that have been included. But I think AfterElton has been listening to its audience because they've kinda switched up the nomination process this year.

Not only are you invited to list your choice of the five hottest men alive. But there are three additional catergories you can nominate to this year. This year you can vote specifically on the hottest men of color, the hottest out gay men and the hottest men over forty. I'm impressed by this. You don't have to be yound and white to be sexxy. I was totally serious earlier when I sad I consider Julian Bond to be one of the hottest men around.

So if you want to nominate someone please go here, and if you want to vote specifically for the men of color category go here.

The guys above (Lenny Kravitz, Boris Kodjoe, Michael Ealy, Tyrese, and Will Smith) are my fave five. Lenny Kravitz with or without dreads is sooo fucking hot. Pardon my exclamation - just no other way to say that. Boris Kodjoe - you know you've touched yourself think about him. Michael Ealy - yes, I'd rob the cradle for that one. Beautiful eyes, sexy smile. Tyrese - I've been in love with him since his debut CD dropped. The cover was in black and white and he had on this wife beater. And finally Will Smith. He's just pretty. Just pretty honey. So who's on your list?

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Anonymous said...

It's so great that they make separate categories for these other groups, but retain a "normal" category.