Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prison Relationships - Husband and Manwife

I know we all know about it. It is one of those taboo topics that many people don't like to discuss. - men having sex with other men in prison. Many of these men identify as straight and will resume there heterosexual activities upon being released from prison. But while on lock down these men have to make due with what's available. It's what is often referred to as "situational homosexuality." It's not that the person having sex with another man prefers having sex with another man. It's just that the only sexual options available to him are other men.

Although we know it happens, it's something we seldom hear discussed by the people who are actually in prison. That's why the video below is a rare find. The two men consider themselves in prison to be husband and wife. Not sure who the person was that coerced these two individuals to tell their stories to the camera, but they must have very charismatic. Anywho, take a peek (and thanks to the Wandering Caravan for making me aware of this).

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