Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unforgettable Pride Moments - Number Five

Since my move to Phoenix I have surrounded myself with a circle of amazing friends. They've become so close to me that they've been adopted as family. These are people that accept me for who I am without question or ridicule. These are people that have made my stay in Phoenix a complete joy. Even in the summers when the sun is beating us down with unbearable 120 degree weather, I still don't mind living in this city I now call home.

I don't think it was a conscience decision to make my circle as diverse as possible, but I have noticed that these people I surround myself with are all very different. My friends are black, white, yellow and brown. They are straight and gay and bisexual and transgender. They are native to the U.S. and they come from the Ukraine and from Africa and from Jamaica and from London. They are young and they are old. And I'm enriched by everything they bring into my life.

Because they allow me to live my life authentically they are next on my list. Hanging out with and enjoying my friends is an ongoing always pleasant occasion. So the company of my friends is my unforgettable (and hopefully neverending) pride moment number five. See more pics of my friends here.

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