Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, April 9, 2009


On Monday, April 6, Sirdeaner L. Walker found her 11 year old son dead. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover took his own life because he was tired of the harassment he was receiving at school. He came home that evening and took an extension cord, tied it around his neck and took his own life. A victim of school bullying, he was repeatedly called gay and teased about the way he dressed. And although he was a boy scout and played football and basketball, it did not stop the tormenting.

Carl's mother is rightfully sickened and sadded at New Leadership Charter School because she repeatedly called the school and asked them to intervene and end the harassment her son was receiving. She said the school was unresponsive.

Now I don't know if Carl was gay or not (at 11 years old he may not have even known if he were gay or not) but bullying from peers in our schools is unacceptable. And what's even more unacceptable are teachers and school administration that turn a deaf ear to the cries of help from those that need their help. Their omission in intervening is an endorsement of the behavior.

It's no wonder LGBT youth have such high rates of suicide. They feel they have no alternatives. Shame on the school for doing nothing. My condolences to out to this mom and this family.

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