Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Transgendered Top Model

You go Tyra. On the next season of America's Next Top Model, we will meet Isis. The first transgendered person to be cast on the show. Isis comes from Prince George's County, Maryland. She identifies herself as a woman phycially born male.

I have to say it, "Girl, I love me so Tyra Banks." She is defintely an ally to the community. I remember years ago, long before the trans community starting getting the attention it's currently getting, Tyra played a male-to-female trans individual in the CW series All Of Us.

Every season of Top Model Tyra does more and more to showcase the talent of gays and lesbians. She has two fellow judges (The Jays) that are out gay people of color. And she is not afraid to address homophobia on her award winning program The Tyra Banks Show.

And now look at her, she's gone and invited a trans individual to be a contestant on her 11th season of the show. Ms. Banks - girl you are doing it and I ain't mad at cha. Get your coins girl and keep doing what you doing. You making Mama proud.

Good luck to Isis on the new season. This should be very interesting. I know that there will a lot of interest in this season because of her. I just pray that viewers of the show and contestants in the house don't make this about what is (or used to be) between her legs. Judge her on what's important - her ability to work the runway in a pair of high heels. And Isis - you betta work bitch!

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