Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, August 29, 2008


Michael Jackson turns 50 today (I actually thought he was older). So I wanted to wish a happy birthday to the King of Pop. Although his name is now associated with pedophilia, bizarre costumes and disguises, and rumors of bankruptcy - I still remember the man for all of the terrific music he has given us over the years. I can't dismiss the weirdness that surrounds him as if it doesn't exist (it's real). But I won't let the bizarre behaviour overshadow the talent that was there and hopefully is still there.

I love Michael Jackson's music. From his days with the Jackson 5 to his last studio effort Invincible - I have not been disappointed with anything Michael has done. There are many that say they're unhappy with his later years creative efforts. I have to wonder if they're giving the music a chance or if they're letting the media's image of Michael dictate their perception.

Like me, my partner Chris also has a love of the gloved one. So for his birthday two weeks ago my gift to him was Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection. It is 4 discs of music, one concert dvd, and a photo booklet and it is the perfect gift for a Michael fan. I'm not ashamed to say there's been some moonwalking happening at our place. Michael has been in heavy rotation since the birthday.

I'm still optimistic and think that Michael can release another album that will garnish commerical success. But I'm also realistic and know that those sales will probably not happen in the U.S. We have turned our backs on Michael. Fortunately he is still loved and adored in many places across the pond.

So to Michael - Happy 50. I hope your day is fun and fabulous.

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