Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soul Force Marches for Equality

Probably my favorite blog to learn what's happening within the African-American LGBT community is Living Out Loud with Darian. It was through him and his site that I learned about Soulforce. Soulforce is an organization dedicated to achieving equality for the LGBT community through their principles of truth, love, nonviolence and voluntary redemptive suffering.

Darian and the Soulforce team came to Phoenix last week to march for marriage equality. Marching during an Arizona summer would definitely put their redemptive suffering to the test. Their plan was to march for 96 miles. The march would 6 days and would take them to all city halls in the Greater Phoenix area.

I joined Soulforce for the final mile of the march which took them from Phoenix City Hall to the state capital. It was a very surreal and powerful event. As we locked hands and crossed the lawn in our ascension to the capital I had a wave of emotions swing through me. This is a struggle for our civil rights and toward the conclusion of the march I felt as if I'd traveled back to the 60s, a time of protest, revolution and civil disobedience.

I want to say thank you to everyone from Soulforce that came here to march for equality for Arizona and for the entire LGBT community. The passion radiates from all members of the team and we owe them a great deal of thanks for having the courage to continue the fight for equality.
To learn more about Soulforce please visit their website at http://www.soulforce.org/

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