Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jamaican Lesbian Allowed to Stay

According to the Miami Herald, a lesbian living in Sunrise, FL who was in fear of deportation has been allowed to continue living in the U.S. Immigration Judge Irma Lopez-Defillo will allow her to avoid deportation because of the violent environment that exists in Jamaica for the LGBT community.

The judge stated in his decision, "The general atmosphere in Jamaica is a feeling of no tolerance towards homosexuals in general, and as such, . . . the respondent's life is definitely at risk."

I want to say kudos to Judge Lopez-Defillo for doing the right thing. Gays and lesbians living in Jamaica cannot live their lives authentically. I'm happy this Florida judge recognized the danger that would be awaiting this person should she have been forced to return to Jamaica. Finally something positive happening down in Florida.

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