Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, August 14, 2008

AZ African American Man2Man This Weekend

This weekend, black gay men in Phoenix that have been complaining that there's nothing to do will have something to do. Soul Purpose AZ, the Southwest Center for HIV/ AIDS and AZ Man2Man are joining forces have put together an African-American Man2Man weekend. This retreat of learning and fun has historically been able to simultaneously get people connected while addressing issues affecting the community.

It is a weekend where people are able talk about physical health, discuss our experiences in the church, and address issues like homophobia and depression - things we all go through but rarely get the opportunity to converse about. But its also about fun - there is terrific food provided the entire weekend, the experience is very multi-media so you'll see lots of exciting stuff, and you'll meet a lot of fun new people. And the best thing - this is FREE! FREE! FREE!

If you have not been able to go through one of the Man2Man weekends, then please come out and join us this weekend. You can register online at azman2man.org. If you'd like to ask me some questions about the weekend, feel free to do so. Hope to see you there.

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