Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gays and Lesbians Should Not Be Parents

Representative Darryl Rouson of Florida is in the hot seat according to the Miami Herald. Rouson currently holds the seat for District 55 in Florida and is now seeking re-election. Years ago Rouson appeared on Florida This Week making some very homophobic remarks. These remarks were made prior to his taking the office [not sure why this didn't become an issue on his initial run for the office] but now that he is seeking re-election this video has surface. And now he is being made to answer for these remarks.
Nadine Smith of Equality Florida is forwarding the link of the video to all of their supporters. They want the gay community to question Rouson about his position.

I'm just saying, this video was taken years ago and I would like to think that a person has the ability to change. I'm hoping Rouson has shifted his position and learned that this type of thinking is homophobic and is not acceptable by a person in his position. He should indeed have to answer to the LGBT community of Florida. I would like to know if he has learned the err of his ways. Does he realize that gay and lesbian people are just as capable of being parents as anyone else? If he hasn't changed his position then maybe he should not be elected to the office again.

You can see the Florida This Week Video here . . .

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