Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, August 9, 2008

And Still No Justice

For the fourth time, the trial against five men accused of the murder of Eudy Simelane has been postponed. Simelane, a soccer player in South Africa, is believe to have been targeted because she was lesbian. I am happy to say that the men remain in custody waiting for their court date to arrive. The trial is now set for September 1. 2008. Judge Betty Lesufi at the Springs Magistrate’s Court stated that the trial has been delayed to give the state the time to the time to compile its case againse the men.

Though I would like to see these men officially sentenced for their crime, I'm happy to hear that 1) the men continue to remain in custody and 2) the state is being allowed the time it needs to prepare its case.

It's unfortunate that the homophobia in some places like Africa and Jamaica escalate to not only violence but killing. But it sounds like the judicial system in South Africa has become a bit more progressive and is doing what should be done for the LGBT community.

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