Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jim Morris - You Inspire Me

Jim Morris, the first out gay man to win Mr. America back in 1973 (I was one year old) is profied this month in the Advocate. The cover story for the magazine is titled The Naked Truth and it allows various people to share what they love and hate about their bodies. Morris is one of the twenty-two people that participated.

At 73 years old Morris is still in amazing shape - just check out his picture. He'd stand his own against body builders fifty years his junior. When he won the title 35 years ago it was by the largest point margin in the history of the contest (his recoard of 30 points over his competition still stands as the greatest win). He is currently a personal trainer at L.A.'s Marina del Rey gym.

We should all look to Morris as inspiration. Being an out and proud gay black man in the early seventies is definitely a sign of his courage. Winning Mr. America in such an amazing way is a sign of his discipline and hard work. And maintaining that Body (see I said body with a capital B because - damn!) is a sign of endurance and a lifetime of personal care and commitment.

Kudos to the Advocate for re-introducing us to Jim Morris. And thank you to Mr. Morris for living a life of excellence. You are a legacy.

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