Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shirts and Skins

On September 15, Logo will premiere the anxiously awaited series Shirts and Skins. The show follows the lives of the San Francisco Rockdogs - winners of the gold at the international gay games in basketball. The team has been re-united in an effort to defend their title in national tournament wins. The team disbanded following the gay games for various reasons that included animosity among team members and desires to pursue personal lives. But now they're together again.

The show has so much going for it. I'm not a fan of reality TV but I am a fan of documentary TV. I love the fact that logo is capturing their story on film and recording this history. Also I'm happy that were looking at a part of the LGBT community that we don't address often - our athletes. This is quite fitting on the eve of the Beijing Olympics. But the greatest factor thats going to yield to the success of this show is the Hotness factor. All the guys on this show are hot. Now that alone can't sell a show but it certainly doesn't hurt.
I will tuned in when the show airs and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the skin presented in Shirts and Skins.

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