Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Janet Jackson Tour

Janet's "Rock Witchu" tour is getting ready to launch and I'm sad to announce that my home (Phoenix) will not be a stop on the tour. I was facilitating a seminar last weekend and during one of the breaks the conversation turned to Janet - not unusual for a group of gay men. It was one of the attendees that shared that Janet would NOT be coming here in her travels. I have to say I was a bit verklempt. I had to drink a glass of water and take several deep breaths before I could call our session back to order.

I refused to accept this as truth so I went online as soon as I got home Saturday evening. To my dismay I learned that he was correct. Now I don't know what to do with my life. Days seem to have no meaning. I haven't had an appetite since Sunday. I've never missed a concert by Ms. Jackson (I say Ms. Jackson cause I'm nasty) so I don't know how to describe my current emotional state.

There are some divas I'm required to love as a gay man (Cher, Bette, Madonna). But my love for Janet comes naturally. My love for Janet preceeds my coming out. Janet's music has helped me through some hard times. Janet's music has gotten me through many a workout. There have been many nights where it's just been me and the Velvet Rope and it was wonderful. And now I'm perplexed - the tour has yet to start and I think I'm having Janet withdrawal symptoms.

If there's a cure for this - I don't want it (I don't want it). There has to be other people out there that are going through the same thing (or have been through the same thing). If so, please share your stories. I've been thinking of starting a local support group. Would you attend?

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SGL Café.com said...

LOL ... I love this post. You were going through it over this. LOL! Also, love the Ross-ism at the end, too -- 'cause if I ever lost my mind over anybody (which I don't) it would be Ross.

Don't get me wrong, LOVE Ms. Jackson, always have, always will. I'm one of the people who defends the merits of Damita Jo, when so many of her diehards caved on that one.

Anyways ... hope you get through your Janet issues. LOL.

Maybe if she sees this post, she'll make a special spot in Phoenix.