Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Black and Gay and Speaking Out

Please check out this remarkable video by a young, black gay brother - Xem Van Adams. I think he is on point with everything he says. He makes me proud - and seeing him makes me realize that there is a new generation of LGBT African-Americans that have a voice, that have talent, and that will continue to contribute to our community.

I sometimes have concerns about our young brothers and sisters. I wonder who will be the leaders of tomorrow - who will live up to the legacies of Bayard Rustin, Barbara Jordan, or Langston Hughes. Will we have individuals that step up to the plate and shine as examples of pride, excellence and honor? Or are the kids just in it for themselves and don't care about activisim or community involvement?

This video makes me think that we may be okay. Kudos to Xem for speaking out in this video.

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