Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Wedding is Off, But I'm Not GAY

NBA star Richard Jefferson has had gay rumors following him for years in spite of his five year relationship with Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols. The two were set to be married until Jefferson got cold feet and called the thing off - with an email. Now I didn't attend Ms. Evers school of etiquette but I know that breaking things off with your fiance with an email is just tacky. But he did eventually call her and they had a two hour conversation about their relationship and they did agree to remain friends.

Now, since his decision that there will be no wedding nuptials the gay rumors have started to fly off the chain again (much like the rumors against Kenny Chesney skyrocketed when Renee Zellweiger ended their four month marriage because of" fraud"). Now I don't know if the man is gay or not. Considering the fact that he is a star in the NBA, if he were gay I'm sure he feels it is in his best interest to claim that he isn't. An NBA locker room is not the place for coming out.

I won't pass judgement. I hope that Jefferson's tenure in the NBA is filled with success. And if he is gay, I hope that one day he fill get to a place where is comfortable sharing his truth with others. But the only person that has the right to out Richard Jefferson is Richard Jefferson. But if some scandalous pictures somehow leak believe me I'll be one of the first to tell you.

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