Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Double Trouble: Twin Brother Bandits Doing Time

Why are so many porn stars in the news right now for crimes? These twins, Taleon and Keyontylie Goffney, who are famous for appearing in hardcore gay porn (including Blackballed 5) will be serving three to eight years for what has become known as the rooftop burglaries in Philadelphia. The 25 year old twins from New Jersey were arrested on February 19. They were charged with breaking into Moon's Beauty Shop at 9th and Washington streets in South Philadelphia and the adjoining Wings and More, using only a handsaw and ax to get in through the roofs of the establishments.

I was under the impression that porn paid well. It's sad that men as beautiful as these two had to resort to this. And it's sadder that they will be behind bars for the next few years. I understand that if you do the crime you must do the time. It's just that being behind bars takes them off the market so I can't get my hands on them, because they look yummy. But I'm sure they will make somebody at their correctional facility very happy.

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