Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is Child Obesity Child Abuse?

What is this world coming to? A mom in South Carolina is being charged with criminal neglect. Her son weighs 555 pounds. This is a felony charge against the mom. I'll be the first to say that the mom has a responsiblity to see to the health and welfare of her child. But please watch the video. Mom works second and third shift to have the money to raise her son.

I know there will be some that say this is an assault on her because she's black. I'm sorry but that would be incorrect. This is assault on her because she's poor. She is doing what is within her resources to do. She was awarded a $30,000 scholarship to take her son to a facility to deals with overweight kids. She took him to the school and was turned away because they said they were not equiped to handle a kid that large. She admitted to having to buy fast food to feed her son. This is the case of many parents. Cost and convenience often times make fast food the only option.

This is an extreme situation. 555 pounds at 14 years old is just unheard of. But bringing felony charges against the mom is also extreme. Imagine the precedent that will be set if she is found guilty. Give the woman some help not a jail sentence.

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